Milaina Larson - 7 months pregnant

When I started this program I wasn't sure what to expect, and was a bit intimidated going in. Right away Lauren did an incredible job of making us all feel comfortable and relaxed. She created a friendly and judgement-free environment where we could openly discuss not only what we wanted to get out of the fitness series, but also the physical and mental highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood. She allowed us to push ourselves physically, while being mindful of our limitations depending on our current physical states (ie pregnancy, postpartum recovery) and encouraged us to listen to our bodies and only do what felt right for us. She is very knowledgable in regards to pelvic floor health, proper physical alignment, and linking up the breath with the exercises in order to best prevent injury. Overall I left each class feeling like I had pushed myself and really had a good workout, while Lauren's guidance always reassured me that I was doing the best exercises for me at that time (7 months pregnant when I began) and helped me to improve my posture during the exercises to prevent injury to the pelvic floor. She was very mindful of my limitations and always adjusted the movements to suit me (the other ladies in my class were postpartum and thus didn't have big bellies to work around!). I would highly recommend Lauren's series to any woman either pregnant or postpartum looking for a good workout with proper guidance and a great atmosphere, it's really worth every penny!


Kate Lussier-Purdy - mom of 3

I worked with Lauren and had really, really fantastic results. 
After my first two pregnancies I returned immediately (6 weeks after my first and 5 weeks after my second) to my usual high intensity workout routines. I had no idea what a negative impact this would have on my pelvic floor. My prolapse symptoms were terrible (leaked when sneezing, couldn't skip, couldn't run further than 400m at a time without leaking, etc). This time around, after my third pregnancy, I worked one on one with Lauren for 8 weeks to AMAZING results. I can skip again!! And sneeze without crossing my legs. Hooray!